Allie Addison

Cute as a button, curly-haired hottie Allie Addison is the newest petite babe to enter the porn scene. Throughout high school, the pretty spinner worked as a sous chef, but once she’d graduated, she decided to hang up her apron and take off her clothes for a living instead! In her own words, Allie "really, really loves having sex," as well as traveling, which made a career in the adult biz even more appealing. The ever-horny nymph considers herself to be a people-pleaser, and she is happy to suck a dick all night long if it makes her sexual partner happy – and she can easily swallow a huge load! The submissive blonde also loves being dominated and having rough sex, and she often fantasizes about being tied up in a BDSM scene. When Allie isn’t busy working on set, she enjoys rock climbing, reading, swimming, and walking her dogs. Check out fun and adorable Allie right here in the videos below!

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